GBCA members are responsible not only for putting up new buildings, but also for fitting out the interior spaces, customizing them for their owners and tenants. P. Agnes, Inc. recently transformed the 2nd floor of Netrality’s 401 North Broad Street building into Biomeme’s new headquarters and state-of-the-art research facility. Biomeme moved into the space in January 2022.

From P. Agnes, Inc.:

The 44,000 square foot facility located in a growing life sciences corridor was designed around collaborative, team-based spaces while also accommodating space for future growth. To encapsulate this vision, the new headquarters features a mainly open floor plan as well as a number of common areas, focus rooms, and huddle spaces. The design builds off of the industrial character of the existing building and features glass walls, partially exposed ceilings, and contemporary finishes as well as large factory windows that let in natural light and offer views of the city.

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