Graboyes Commercial Window Company is pleased to announce that its director of operations, Greg Laska, was named recently to the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) Committee for the Architectural Glass and Metal Certification Council (AGMCC). The committee is responsible for operations and technical oversight of the ANSI-accredited NACC program.

The program creates a baseline in the industry for competency, business practices, and adherence to industry-accepted guidelines for participating glazing contractors. This rigorous program helps raise the bar for the entire industry, and Graboyes was one of the first glazing firms to achieve and maintain certification from the inception of the program in 2014.

“The NACC program fits hand in glove with our mission and core values including safety, integrity, and excellence, and we’ve been all in with the program since earning our initial certification in 2015. I could not be more pleased to be serving on its council” said Laska.

Graboyes president Ellis Guiles added, “I’m confident the committee will benefit from the expertise and focus Greg will bring to his NACC role helping guide the program for the betterment of the glazing industry, as he does to his role here at Graboyes – where his strong leadership guides delivery of consistently safe, high-quality, and on-time installations.” 

Laska, who has been with Graboyes for 10 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in civil/construction engineering technology from Temple University and is pursuing his MBA from Temple’s Fox School of Business.


About Graboyes Commercial Window Company

Graboyes Commercial Window Company, a leading NACC-certified Philadelphia-area glazing firm. The company provides window system solutions, interior glass partitions, unitized and timber-frame curtainwall solutions, high-performance storefront solutions, and exterior and interior commercial window coverings and automated controls. In collaboration with its sister companies Graboyes Smart Buildings and Graboyes Efficiency Tenant, the group offers metered efficiency as a financial tool that  creates long-term value for building owners and managers through increased net operating income and improved tenant satisfaction achieved by improvements in building performance and comfort.