Fall Hazards Toolbox Talks (OSHA Focus Four Hazard)

Click below to access GBCA's Toolbox Talks on Fall Hazards FALL PROTECTION SAFETY   FALLING FROM HEIGHTS (Downloadable pdf file)   LEADING EDGE SAFETY (Downloadable pdf file)

OSHA Focus Four Toolbox Talk: Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

This year, GBCA is participating in OSHA’s Focus Four Campaign, providing resources to avoid incidents involving OSHA’s Focus Four hazards. This week’s toolbox talk is about fall protection equipment inspections.

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: May 20, 2019

In May, GBCA will continue providing resources in support of OSHA’s Focus Four Campaign. This month, the focus is on fall protection. Click below to download Toolbox Talks on avoiding

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: May 7, 2018

For the month of May, GBCA and OSHA are focusing conversations about construction safety around Fall Hazards.May 7-11 is also Construction Safety Week. This week, we’re focusing on ensuring that

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