This week’s GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk provides explanation and clarification about ladder duty ratings. This rating system will help you select the appropriate ladder, and using the appropriate ladder will help keep you safe.

Ladder Duty Ratings



GBCA also has toolbox talks for working during the COVID-19 response, and we encourage all of our members to review them, especially if you’re currently on an active job site. For those whose projects have been shut down, please review them, as many of these protocols will likely still apply when construction projects open up again.

GBCA Toolbox Talk: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information (March 12, 2020)


NOTE: This toolbox talk is from March 12, 2020. The CDC now recommends that everyone wear a face covering in public settings.


GBCA Toolbox Talk: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Job Site Protocols (April 8, 2020)



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